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It's a Mad, Mad, Madblonde World

"Of course, some people do go BOTH ways...."

I'm going slightly mad....
23 April
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quick wit, acid tongue, temper that burns hot & quickly, fiercely loyal, broad shoulders for leaning &/or crying on, strong hands for holding & healing, large heart for love & joy, lazy, obsessive, emotional, impulsive, compulsive, committed, stubborn, sometime poet, "may be a lover, but she ain't no dancer."

"You can't always get what you want
But if you try, sometimes you find
You get what you need."
acting, afternoon tea, albert campion, austen's novels, babylon 5, bisexuality, black roses, blake's 7, btvs, buxom redheads, christina rossetti's poems, christmas truce of 1914, chuck, cross stitch, dickens' works, donne's poems, door county, dr who, due south, edward petherbridge, english springer spaniel rescue, filk, fine chocolate, flirting, folklore, ghost stories, halloween, herb lore, herbal remedies, high tea, holly king, intelligent englishmen, irises, kevin gilbert's music, lighthouses, liō, lord peter wimsey, lyrics, maessr, medicinal herbs, medicinal teas, metafour studios, mistletoe, music, national children's choir, operation fortitude, parody, perseid meteor shower, queen, radio theatre, ray vecchio, reading, ritual, riverfolk, shakespeare's works, sherlock holmes, sherman brothers' musicals, sibellius' music, solstice, sondheim's musicals, st. valentine's day, tea, the revels, theatre, thursday next, traditions, undead bunnies, vaughan williams' music, vermeer's paintings, violets, witches stitches, yule